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Dissertations are intimidating, all students can agree to that. They’re the biggest piece of writing that you’ll ever have to do. If you need help, Dissertation House say that they can help you get the best grades possible, without the stress. Can they really do that for you, or are you better off going elsewhere for help?


At the time of writing, Dissertation Houses hires just fewer than 50 writers. 5 are from the UK, 9 have Masters Degrees and 4 have PhDs. They’re all trained in their fields, so in theory you should get someone who can write with authority. However, with so few writers, there’s no guarantee you’ll get one who’s trained in your field of study.
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

Need to contact the company? You won’t find their physical address online. That’s a big warning to you, the consumer. Legit companies happily list their addresses so customers can find them. If they don’t, it’s a sign that they may not be all they say they are.
Rating: 1/5


The most important thing you need to know is quality. Can Dissertation House write dissertations for you that up to par? We ordered a few pieces to test them out. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the case. We found that most pieces were plagiarised at least in part, which was rather alarming. Worse, we were even resold pieces that were clearly for other students. Dissertations are always very personal to the student, so there’s no way we could have used them ourselves. Very poor.
Rating: 1/5



The average piece a student orders for dissertation is of 2:1 level, around 2 pages long, and needs to be delivered in 10 days. Based on this, Dissertation House would charge you £20.78 GBP. You can also pay for it to be proofread by an editor for £3.96, or get an originality report for £2.36. There’s also a discount rate of 15% for first time customers.
These extra services really should be included with the main price as standard. Also, it’s clear that the writers aren’t even proofreading or writing original material at all, so it’s money for nothing.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

There is a customer service helpline, and you can get in touch at any stage of the ordering process. However, we found the service to be rather poor. It wasn’t always easy to speak to someone about our essay, and not everyone could give an answer right away. If you need to know about something quickly, you’re going to be better off going elsewhere.
Rating: 2/5


Your dissertation is the most important document you’ll ever create at university. It just isn’t worth taking risks with. That’s why we can’t recommend Dissertation House. Their writers just aren’t putting in the time and effort to write something that’s worth your time and money. Find another writing service with better reviews, and you’ll get a dissertation that you can really be proud of.

Overall rating: 9/25

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