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Assignment Land recognises that you pour your heart and soul into your studies, but sometimes it’s still not enough. You need help in getting the grades that really match the work you’re putting in. They say that they can give you the essays and assignments that will get you the top grades. Can they really do that? This review will find out.


There are around 50 writers on staff at Assignment Land, 14 of which are based here in the UK. There are 12 writers with Masters Degrees, and 2 with PhDs. It’s encouraging to see that such a large percentage is based in the UK, as that often doesn’t happen. Still though, there are only a small number of writers overall. If you need a writer, you may be waiting a while.
Rating: 3/5

Company trust

There’s no physical address listed for Assignment Land on their website. Instead, if you need to contact them you can fill in a message form and send it off to them. That’s a huge warning sign to anyone considering ordering with them. That’s because any legit company will list their address. If they don’t, there’s more chance that they won’t honour your contract with them.
Rating: 1/5


Arguably the most important thing you need to know about Assignment Land is whether their essays are good quality. We’ve ordered some samples and interviewed customers, in order to get a good idea of how they write.
We found a few resold essays in with the essays we bought with them. It’s obvious, when they don’t answer the question that we put forward with our work request. Past customers reported that this happened to them, too.
Rating: 2/5



For £20.78, you can get a 2:1 standard essay within 10 days, which is 2 pages long. That price doesn’t include additional services. You can have your essay proofread for £3.96, or checked for originality for £2.36. You can also get a 15% discount as a first time customer. These prices seem good, but the additional prices should really be included as standard. Also, the quality of the essays isn’t relative to the price you pay.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

Customer service with Assignment Land isn’t the best it can be. It is possible to get in touch both before and during the ordering process, but getting the answers you need isn’t easy. There’s usually a delay before anyone can get back to you with the information you need. If you’re in a hurry, this probably won’t be good enough for you.
Rating: 2/5


It’s not a good idea to go with Assignment Land. Their prices seem ok, but the incidence of resold essays is far too high to risk it. The writers are clearly overworked and putting out older essays in order to keep up. Instead, go with a better rated service in order to get the quality essay that you need. You should never risk your grades.

Overall rating: 10/25

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